The Italian espresso coffee
      Organic and Fairtrade

Haiti Roma Organic coffee,
good also for health.

Why coffee coming from organic and fairtrade farming
Choosing coffee coming from organic farming to propose to our consumers, besides the fact that it
is a “green” choice for the safeguard of environment, for us at Caffè Haiti Roma means above all
choosing a proposal for a high quality life. In fact, until now those who proposed “Fairtrade” coffee
paid more attention to the conditions of workers, rather than to the quality of coffee as a final product;
Fair yes, and yet what a torture drinking that coffee! Still, the market is full of organic coffee that
doesn't grant any interest towards the conditions of the farmers. That is why we have thought about
linking solidarity to the high quality of organic coffee blend. It took us a long time and many
efforts, but eventually Organic and Fairtrade coffee Line is nowadays one but few examples in this field that matches the high quality of coffee coming from organic farming to the attention for
the life conditions of the farmers.
Organic Coffee and health
About coffee and health, as well as many other issues, much has been said and still it is today: that
it is healthy, it is dangerous, it helps digestion, it makes you sleep well, it makes you sleep bad.
Many beliefs that rise its popularity. It is a fact that in most cases a lot depends on the person who
drinks it, the way it is used and above all the type of coffee.

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